Fuel price likely to increase

29 November 2013:
The AAs prediction on the petrol price in December 
Fuel prices are likely to increase in December. This is the statement from the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) on the preliminary data released by the Central Energy Fund.
The current picture is that petrol will increase by between eight and ten cents per litre, diesel by about eight cents per litre and illuminating paraffin by around ten cents per litre. The AA attributed the increases to a spike in the Rand / US dollar exchange rate in the first half of the month followed by increases in international petroleum prices in the second half.
It is unfortunate that holidaymakers will have to face the additional burden of higher fuel prices over December. Motorists can reduce their fuel consumption by adopting smoother driving techniques to keep a more steady speed and by accelerating more gently when moving off from stops or speeding up during driving. It is also important for motorists to service their cars before departing on long trips, for maximum fuel efficiency and safety.
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