Kruger National Park Flood Notice Update

Kruger National Park Flood Notice (18 January 2012)


10h00 am, Wednesday 18 January 2011

Hoedspuit has been declared a disaster area. 234mm of rain has fallen - 25mm in the last hour alone.

As water levels rapidly approached the height of the suspension bridge by 7am this morning, guests were evacuated from their rooms to the main dining area. 3 suites are underwater, but plans have been made to accommodate those guests in rooms unaffected by the rainfall. Due to the quick action of our team, luggage and personal belongings were removed well in time to avoid damage or loss.

The elephants are doing well. It is reported that they walked out of their stables “two by two”, reminiscent of Noah’s Arc. They seem largely unaffected by the climatic conditions.

Please be advised that the landlines to Camp Jabulani are in intermittent working order, and internet connection is down.

Hoedspruit Airport has been closed until further notice.

News updates will be communicated in due course.

12h30 pm, Wednesday 18 January 2011

Total rainfall is sitting at 450mm (almost half a meter!)

Guests are all safe in the camp’s living area, with their luggage. We are keeping an eye on the water level. Should it rise any further, we will evacuate guests to the stables for safety. The stables on are on the highest ground, and while it might not be the most comfortable space, if we wait too long in the camp we could end up being stranded.

Elsie and her team are on the other side of the river across the bridge doing their best to secure the suites and The Zingoga Villa. The hanging bridge is still in tact. Hopefully it will stay that way to avoid the suites being cut off from the main camp facilities.

All of our guests are safe. We will continue to update you, but please rest assured that Carl and his team are taking care of everyone in camp, and are proactively managing the situation.

Our thoughts are with many of our neighbours and all other affected properties.

Adine Roode,
Managing Director

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Kruger National Park Flood Notice

Following heavy rains encountered in and around the Kruger area, this is an urgent warning. The following areas have been affected:

The entrance gates listed below have been closed until further notice:

Entrance Gates

  • Crocodile Bridge
  • Giriyondo Border post
  • Phalaborwa Gate
  1. All gravel roads and low level bridges must be avoided.
  2. The road between Letaba and Satara is not accessible. Guests wishing to travel to Olifants and Letaba  can only do that from Phalaborwa Gate.
  3. Causeway on road between Skukuza and Malelane/ Pretoriuskop (6km from Skukuza) flooded
  4. Tar road between Nwamanzi Lookout and Olifants River Highlevel bridge on H1-4 extensively damaged and closed.
  5. Causeway over Nshawu River on tar road between Mopani & Letaba (H1-5) flooded.
  6. Causeway over Letaba River on tar road between Mopani and Phalaborwa Gate (H14) flooded.
  7. Causeway on tar road between Letaba and Phalaborwa Gate (H9) near Letaba flooded. Road between Letaba &  Phalaborwa flooded and Letaba Camp without electricity – generator room flooded.
  8. Causeway on tar road between Skukuza and Malelane/ Pretoriuskop at Delaporte Waterhole flooded.
  9. The Tinga Private Lodge is currently being evacuated and guests that were on the Sweni Wilderness Trail have already been evacuated.
  10. The National Parks helicopter is currently being used for evacuations where necessary.
  11. As a result of above Olifants and Letaba cannot be accessed at the moment.

Currently, the following three facilities are closed:

  • Biyamiti Bush Camp
  • Shimuwini Bush Camp
  • Talamati Bush Camp
  • Tshokwane Picnic site
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