Make the most of every tankful with BP Ultimate

We want to thank South African motorists for recently voting BP as the country’s top fuel provider in the 2014 TGI Icon Brand Awards Survey.

Already thousands of drivers are benefiting from a cleaner and more protected engine because of BP Ultimate’s advanced fuel formula.

It’s a myth that all fuels are the same. The new generation BP Ultimate Diesel and Unleaded fuels range is designed to keep your engine working as efficiently as the manufacturer intended, and not only keeps your engine clean but has also been formulated to remove any existing harmful deposits. 

Both Ultimate fuels include special ingredients to help protect against rust and wear, while BP Ultimate Unleaded also contains an advanced component that reduces friction in the engine. Plus, the special anti-foam agent in BP Ultimate Diesel makes it quicker, easier and cleaner to fill up your tank.

You will be able to start noticing a difference from the first full tank and there may be other immediate improvements in some vehicles. Of course, benefits vary from car to car and the best results are generally achieved with ongoing use of BP Ultimate fuels. 

Infinite hours on research and development, product testing and consumer research has been spent on creating fuels that are as advanced as BP Ultimate. Our fuels have been tested on a wide range of vehicles representative of different markets, which are carried out in accredited analytical and engine and vehicle laboratories. 

BP Ultimate is also the only fuel recommended by the Automobile Association of SA.

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