More fuel price relief - AA

Fuel prices will be substantially lower in February. This is according to the Automobile Association's analysis of the Central Energy Fund's unaudited fuel price data at the end of January.

“Current indications are that petrol will drop between 91 and 94 cents a litre, while diesel and illuminating paraffin will decline by around 102 cents a litre,” the AA said. “International petroleum prices have continued to trend lower and this has been aided by relative stability in the Rand / US dollar exchange rate.”

The Association said that it had noted a flattening in international petroleum prices in recent weeks, possibly hinting at greater fuel price stability in the short to medium term. “The recent reductions in the fuel price have been a welcome relief to motorists, but they are unlikely to continue unchecked. Now is an ideal time for motorists to bank some of their fuel price savings against future possible increases,” the AA concluded.

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