More fuel price relief seen

16 May 2014

The AA’s prediction on the fuel price in June

Motorists seem set for further fuel price relief at the end of May. This is the view of the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) which was commenting on the mid-monthly unaudited fuel price data issued by the Central Energy Fund. “A combination of stable international petroleum prices and a more favourable exchange rate has seen last month's over-recovery situation continue,” said the AA.

The current data was indicating a drop of between 26 and 30 cents per litre for petrol, and between 20 and 22 cents per litre for diesel. “People who use illuminating paraffin for heating, lighting and cooking will also enjoy some relief, with current data showing a reduction of 14 cents per litre,” the AA commented. “We obviously hope that the current trends will continue so that the reductions will be bigger by the end of May. Motorists have had a tough time lately and could do with a break.”

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