One Third of SA Motorists Fill Up With the Wrong Fuel

An alarming number of South African motorists are filling up with the wrong fuel, particularly when it comes to Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP), which could shorten the lifespan of your car.

In an attempt to address the worrying phenomenon, BP has launched an awareness campaign aimed at educating motorists about the benefits of BP Ultimate Unleaded and that most of the vehicles currently running on LRP can switch to BP Ultimate Unleaded without any damage to their engines.

Tebogo Mekoa, BP’s Fuels Services Manager says even though less than 2.5% of SA’s cars require LRP, about 32% of motorists still use the fuel.

This, he believes, is because of the many misconceptions that still exist around LRP. “Many still believe LRP is cheaper than unleaded petrol and that it allows their cars to perform better, which simply isn’t true.

“LRP costs the same as unleaded petrol, so there is no cost saving when purchasing LRP. Also, since the abolition of leaded petrol in SA in 2006, no further research and development has been invested in LRP.

Most engines manufactured in the early 90s can use unleaded petrol without any modification and actually shows improved performance when using unleaded petrol.

Even though there is no legislation that requires SA service stations to sell LRP, BP has taken the decision to accelerate the phase out of LRP over the next few months. The phase-out programme also allows BP to make additional pumps available for more advanced BP Ultimate fuels to meet the growing demand, as a result of the increase in new generation cars, decreasing vehicle emissions in SA.

The removal of LRP will be done gradually starting at areas where the demand has reduced significantly.

“It is vital to educate motorists and debunk the many myths surrounding LRP, and BP’s awareness campaign will focus on empowering motorists with relevant facts that will not only save them money in the long run, but also go a long way in saving the environment,” says Mekoa.

LRP customers migrating to unleaded petrol can use BP Ultimate Unleaded which has specifically been designed to allow your car engine to perform the way it was designed to.

BP Ultimate is recommended by the Automobile Association of SA. Using high quality fuels, such as BP Ultimate, has been proven to increase fuel economy. Independent tests show that the fuel efficiency benefit of BP Ultimate Unleaded can be up to 25km more per tank and up to 36km extra when using BP Ultimate Diesel, compared to ordinary fuels.

To find out which fuel is best for your car consult the National Association of Automobile Manufactures of South Africa’s website, to view recommendations by motor manufacturers related to specific vehicles.

Issued by: Lange 360 on behalf of BP SA
Date: 19 September 2011
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