Pets in Transit

Travelling with the family pet can be potentially hazardous for both the animal and owner, especially if the vehicle being travelled in suddenly breaks down. The AA has put in place special processes to manage towing services involving animals to ensure their well-being and to give Members the peace-of-mind that their pet is safe.

The AA’s first priority will always be to ensure the safety of its Members and staff but, we’ll also do everything we can to ensure your pets well-being. It is important that should you breakdown with your pet that you advise the AA call centre accordingly to enable the AA to monitor your, your vehicle’s and pet’s safety. 

On arrival at the breakdown scene, the AA Tow Truck driver will request that you take your pet for a walk and if possible, a drink of water while your vehicle is being loaded. This will ensure that your pet is comfortable prior to travelling inside the AA Tow Truck. Should you have your transporting cage with you, the AA Tow Truck driver will assist you to place your pet inside the cage and will ensure that your pet is placed inside a cool, well ventilated AA Tow Truck cabin.

Should no transporting cage be available, the pet will not be permitted to travel inside the AA Tow Truck cabin as this may be hazardous for the driver and compromise safety. In such a case, the pet will be safely placed inside your own vehicle with the vehicle windows suitable  open to ventilate the cabin. 

The AA call centre will then work closely with the AA Tow Truck driver to ensure that the fastest possible route is taken to drop off your vehicle with a view to minimizing travelling distance to no more than 20km, in keeping with the SPCA’s directive. In cases where the travelling distance exceeds 20kms, or should you be incapacitated  due to a vehicle collision, the AA call centre will arrange for the SPCA to collect your pet and house it at a place of safety. The AA call centre will constantly monitor your pet’s well-being in conjunction with the SPCA, and will keep you informed of your animal’s whereabouts and welfare until you are able to collect your pet. 

For advice on transporting your pet in a vehicle, call the SPCA on 011 681 3600 or email them at
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