Security on the Gautrain

Gautrain management are taking commuter's safety very seriously and have put strict security measures in place to ensure that they are safe when using the train.

With the crime levels where they are in South Africa, commuters need to be assured that their safety will be guaranteed before they buy their tickets for the train.

According to the Gautrain website, vigilant security systems will guard the commuters and only valid ticket holders will have access to station precincts, parking bays and trains. There will be Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems that will monitor each station's open area, parking bays as well as the station precincts. There will also be SAPS Railway Police patrolling each station, the platforms will be guarded by CCTV systems and alarms will be put in place to prevent any unauthorised entry into tunnels or on the tracks. The stations will be secured by a three metre high steel palisade fence, a good measure to keep criminals at bay.

Commuter movement will be closely monitored by CCTV cameras inside each train and the live footage will be viewed by train drivers. The drivers will also be in regular contact with the central control centre and in case of emergencies, they will also be able to communicate with the commuters.

Further safety measures to protect the commuters include;

  • Each train will be guarded by two security guards
  • Panic buttons will be placed inside each train
  • Technology will ensure that all doors are locked when the train is moving
  • When stopping at stations, the trains will only start moving once all the doors are securely locked

With so much effort being put into safety measures, Gautrain commuters will have peace of mind when travelling on the much anticipated train.

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