Sitting pretty isnít as important as sitting properly while driving

Being comfortable while driving is an important factor many drivers simply donít consider before turning the key in the ignition. But the correct posture is critical to ensuring drivers are safe on the road.
Before even setting off on your journey, be it a short or a long trip, you should take some time to ensure your seat is in the correct position and that you are comfortable. It is critical that your back and neck are well supported as this will minimise injuries in the event of an accident. It will also minimise long-term discomfort (or injury) from driving. 
Drivers are advised that the steering wheel should be between 30 and 40 cm away from their chests Ė this is important not only to ensure the driver doesnít slam into the steering wheel but also gives an airbag enough space to deploy correctly. 
Other factors to consider when ensuring proper posture while driving are: 
  • Ensure you see the road clearly Ė including a full view from the windscreen and mirrors
  • Adjust the seat to suit you. Avoid a position where you have to strain to reach the steering wheel or see out the windscreen
  • Your position should minimise stress on your upper legs and calf muscles. 
  • Mirrors should be angled optimise your view. These should be adjusted to suit you once the seat has been adjusted properly
Remember that driving should be a pleasurable experience and that you should be alert at all times. The correct posture while driving will make the journey more comfortable for you and ensure you are aware of everything that is happening around you. Also remember that apart from the correct driving posture, drivers must also always wear their seatbelts Ė even for short trips.
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