Some Green Driving and Fuel Saving Tips

A lot of emphasis has been placed on the effects global warming has on our planet and the importance of reducing carbon emissions. Hereís what you can do to help reduce your carís carbon emission.

  • Plan your journey and complete several tasks in one trip to avoid unnecessary driving.
  • Avoid idling and stop-start driving. When stopping and then starting your car again in traffic, you use more fuel and produce more emissions.
  • Avoid speeding as it increases your carís fuel consumption significantly. Driving at slower speeds reduces your vehicle emissions as well as increasing the driverís safety.
  • Reduce your car weight in the car by removing unnecessary heavy items if you are not using them. Remove extra weight to reduce your engineís workload, which will burn less fuel and cutting your emissions.
  • Use air conditioning only when necessary as the vehicle air conditioner increases load on the engine which increases emissions. Rather open the window to cool the inside of your vehicle and park in the shade.
  • Monitor your vehicleís car tyre pressure regularly. Under inflated tyres have a lower pressure and create more resistance when your vehicle is moving which means the engine has to work harder.
  • Avoid over revving your vehicle as it accelerates emissions and uses more fuel. Use your gears wisely, by changing gears earlier, you can reduce revs and reduce emissions.

How to calculate how much fuel you use:

Distance / fuel = km/l

For example: 600km/50l = 12km/l

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