The AA gives back to vulnerable road users

02 September 2013:
AA gives cyclists protective gear

It is a frightening fact that in an average year, at least 40% of all fatalities and injuries come from the vulnerable road user group. These include pedestrians, cyclists and motor-cyclists. During 2010, 252 cyclists alone were killed and an estimated 800 more injured. In order to reduce the number of road deaths in this category the AA has taken a proactive stance by giving back. As part of this project the AA highlights busy routes for cyclists who are unable to afford other forms of transportation and handed out protective gear to those cyclists that have none.

The project consists of three main elements:

  1. Providing cyclists with a high visibility reflective reusable bag containing a safety helmet, high visibility  reflective clothing and information pamphlet,
  2. Educating each cyclist on safe road use,
  3. Making the bicycle itself more visible by applying reflective tape and fitting a red LED rear light to the bicycle.

This project kicked off last year, August, September and October 2013 will see the next phase allowing for over 3 000 packs to be handed out to cyclists. The first event took place on Thursday 30 August in Soweto with another five events to follow in other areas around Gauteng. The AA sees this project as an opportunity to put its money where its mouth is and do something active to reduce fatalities on South Africa’s roads. 

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