The AA predicts February fuel price jump

16 January 2014: 

Data from the Central Energy Fund is currently predicting big jumps in the fuel price for February. This is the view from the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) which issues a summary of fuel price trends twice a month. “After remaining fairly flat throughout December, the exchange rate has deteriorated from a South African perspective,” said Head of Public Affairs, Graeme Scala. “The Rand is now testing the R11 to the US dollar mark and although international petroleum prices have declined over the same period, the drop has not been enough to offset the increased exchange rate,” he added.

Petrol is showing a potential climb of between 28 and 32 cents per litre, with 15 cents per litre for diesel and nine cents per litre for illuminating paraffin. “If the current spike in the exchange rate flattens out, these figures could improve, but for now it is not looking good,” Scala concluded.
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