The AA’s Number One Fan

Recently, an AA Member and her young daughter, Abigail, were driving home late one night when they happened to pass an AA rescue in progress. The AA flat bed truck had come to the rescue of another stranded Member and was picking up the vehicle with their warning lights flashing.

The sight of the AA rescue vehicle made such a huge impression on Abigail that she could not stop talking about the AA and what good people they are. Each time an AA vehicle passed her on the highway; she would want to know exactly where they were going and who they were going to help. She took to cheering and yelling and clapping her hands in delight each time an AA patrol vehicle or tow truck passed her by and was spreading the word to all family and friends who would hear her out.

When Abigail’s third birthday arrived last week, her mother took a chance and contacted the AA to see if it would be possible for Abigail to experience an AA truck first hand.

The AA was only too happy to oblige and arrived bright and early on the morning of Abigail’s birthday with their flatbed truck, driven by tow truck driver Fhulufelo. Abigail was ecstatic and a thorough investigation of the truck ensued, followed by Abigail insisting on having her photograph taken on and around the vehicle. The AA then presented Abigail with an AA mascot, a small bear wearing an AA leather jacket.

Fhulufhelo then took little Abigail on a fun ride, along with her grandfather and mother, in his AA truck and explained how the AA get called out to help Members while hooting at the passing cyclists as Abigail waved back with glee.

Once safely back at home, Abigail waved the AA truck goodbye with a beaming smile for a birthday that will not be easily forgotten. The AA values a spirit of community and helping each other, and hopes to help all Members feel as special as Abigail.

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