Tips for Cross Border Travel

A large number of South Africans will cross the borders into our neighbouring countries during the holiday season and the Automobile Association offers some advice.

Travellers are advised to check with AA Travel Services on the latest road conditions, fuel availability, medical requirements and import / export regulations prior to their journeys. Information brochures and maps are also available from all AA Auto Shops.

Border operating times must be noted beforehand and sufficient time should be allowed for possible delays encountered at border posts.

Some travel hints are as follows:



  • Petrol and diesel availability is erratic.
  • Importation limited to 20 litres (one jerry can) however the first 5 litres are duty free.
  • Transportation of additional fuel is dependent on availability.


  • Petrol and diesel availability is good - unleaded fuel usually available in larger centres.


  • Fuel is available in major centres.
  • Fuel price is controlled.



  • Duty-free importation of foodstuff and consumables limited to US$250 per person over a 30-day period (includes fuel).
  • Alcohol limited to five litres per adult over 18 of which not more than two litres may be spirits.
  • Any quantity of tobacco, cigars and cigarettes is allowed but will be included in the $250 duty free allowance.


  • Restrictions apply to the quantity of fish permitted to be exported per vehicle.


  • Food may only be imported if it is for immediate and personal consumption
  • Meat and dairy products may not be imported at all


  • Limitations on import of alcoholic beverages.



  • Ensure that all travel and vehicle documentation is in order (Carnet de passage)
  • Obtain permission before taking any photographs


  • Very strict on warning triangles in vehicles
  • Touring triangles (yellow diamond on blue background) must be displayed on the front of the towing vehicle and the rear of the trailer/boat/caravan (available at AA Auto Shops)
  • Credit cards and travellers cheques may not be accepted except at major hotels and banks
  • Do not take photographs of official buildings
  • Insist that visas/passports are stamped on entry


  • Motorised boats require aquatic certificate - contact AA Travel Services for information.
  • Only local currency or US dollars are accepted for fuel purchases.

AA Zimbabwe contact no: 09263 75 2779

AA Namibia contact no: 09264 061 22 4201

Botswana Consulate General: 011 403 3748/9

Mozambique National Tourist Company: 011 339 7275/81

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