Your Limitations on the Road

It may seem harmless and of not much consequence when going for your driverís licence test at first, but have you considered the limitations on your newly acquired B (old Code 8) licence?

Unless you specifically ask to do the EB driverís test, you will be limited to being able to tow a trailer of a mere 750kg or less.  What this means is that should you one day want to buy a caravan, you will need to redo the test Ė starting with the learnerís licence.  

Now hereís where things get interestingÖ When existing licences were converted from the old ID book in 2002, existing Code 8 licence holders were converted to EB licences automatically.Unfortunately very few licence testing centres are equipped to facilitate the caravan test and many licence examiners do not even know what is required to test either!

The issue now is that banks are refusing to finance caravans to holders of the B licence.  

The AA is taking this issue to government on behalf of our Members.  Our proposal includes an automatic conversion to the EB licence for current B licence holders and either removal of the 750kg trailer restriction or alternatively the scrapping of the B licence entirely.  Weíll keep our Members updated on the developments.

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