Car Care

Car Care

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Breakdown Services: Are you using the right petrol?

August 2016

Does breakdown insurance cover the incorrect use of petrol? Are you using the right petrol for you model of car? Here’s the answer…

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How to preserve your vehicle’s paint job

July 2016

Sometimes through no fault of your own – your vehicle’s paint job will be tainted by scratches. Here’s how to keep it looking good for longer.

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Knowing your warranty from the service plan and maintenance contract

May 2016

Do you know what is covered under the warranty of your new vehicle? Have you taken out a service or maintenance contract? Here are the main differences between the three.

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AA Members, do you know about these 10 benefits?

April 2016

The Automobile Association (AA) is synonymous with emergency roadside assistance. But, did you know that AA Members also qualify for a number of other great benefits, including free technical advice, and directions from the call centre if you are lost.

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Leading causes of mechanical breakdowns

February 2016

No matter how well you look after your car, there may come a time when you have no choice but to spend money on repairs. But prevention is better than cure and spending money on vehicle maintenance can save you a lot of frustration, and time, down the line. According to Johan van Vreden, the South African Motor Industry Ombudsman, there are seven main mechanical problems which can cause a vehicle to breakdown. Being aware of these and being able to recognise them, perhaps even before they become a problem, is the key to hassle-free motoring.

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How to protect your car from hail damage

September 2015

In recent years, insurers have been warning clients of potential hailstorms to offset the risk of hail damage when a storm is imminent. Find out what can you do to protect your car from hail damage when you are on the road.

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The experts guide to washing your car

June 2015

The most important piece of advice we can give is to never use dishwashing liquid or other detergents. These are usually designed to strip grease and grime off surfaces, so you can only imagine what they might do to your car.

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Our top tips for keeping your car in good condition

July 2015

Maintaining your car’s showroom shine isn’t just about polishing and waxing. From bird droppings to basement parking lots, this is what you need to know about keeping your car in out of box condition.

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