Our top tips for keeping your car in good condition

July 2015

Maintaining your car’s showroom shine isn’t just about polishing and waxing. From bird droppings to basement parking lots, this is what you need to know about keeping your car in out of box condition.

Don’t put soap in the windscreen washer reservoir
Soapy water in the windscreen washer reservoir is a no-no because it runs off the glass onto the paintwork and dries there, leaving concentrated streaks of soap on the body. Over time, this can damage the paintwork.

Clean off bird droppings ASAP
Bird droppings and even dead insects can damage your paintwork. Try to clean them off as soon as possible.

Avoid parking in the sun
Much like human skin, the paintwork on your car is susceptible to sun damage. While modern paint jobs will withstand the sun’s destructive rays better than the cars your grandparents may have driven, the various layers of paint and lacquer will eventually show signs of wear.

Be careful of basement parking lots
If you’ve ever parked in a basement, you’ve probably noticed stalactite-like formations on the roof and puddles of liquid on the floor below these formations. The combination of water and the various chemicals which seep through the concrete above your car can be extremely corrosive. Clean the stains as soon as possible if your car has been dripped on. You may need to polish the area as well to ensure that the chemicals do not seep deeper into the paint.

Keep a bin bag inside the car
Keep a small plastic bag in the car for rubbish and a pack of wet wipes in the cubby hole to keep your hands clean. Wet wipes are a must-have if you have children – especially for those sticky ice cream summer days!

Scotchgard™ your upholstery
If your car has cloth upholstery, you’ll want to Scotchgard™ the fabric to protect against stains. The same goes for the carpets and floor mats. If you have children a Scotchgard™ treatment is highly recommended!

Carry basic car care items in the boot
Carry a damp chamois, microfibre cloth and a quick detailing spray (basically wax spray in a bottle) in your boot to deal with unexpected emergencies. Remember, the longer you leave corrosive materials on your paintwork, the more damage they will do!

Be vigilant and remember that looking after your car’s paintwork and interior is not only about driving pleasure but also about ensuring the best possible resale or trade in value.

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