Staying safe on the road

December 2015

We live in a beautiful country, but, as in other countries, there are hazards. Here are some tips to help you protect you and your family in the event of an incident.

Keep your phone charged
Even if you think you have enough battery life for your phone to get you to your destination, keep your phone as well-charged as possible. There may be instances that could prevent you from charging for an extended period so be prepared.

Invest in a car charging device if you donít have one already, or if your car does not support USB charging. An inexpensive USB charger which runs off your carís 12V power socket is a simple and effective solution. Buy yourself a secondary charging cable so that you can leave your main cable at home and the extra cable in the car.

Make a habit of locking the doors
Most modern cars will lock their doors automatically, but youíll have to do this yourself in some older vehicles and newer models. Get into the habit of locking the doors immediately when you get in and before you belt up.

Fit smash Ďn grab
Anti-smash and grab is a must in South Africa. Make sure you get a reputable dealer to fit a reputable brand of film on your windows, as the cheaper films and roadside fitment options will leave you with inferior product and improper fitment.

With film the glass will still shatter should someone try and break your window but it prevents the glass from falling into the car and actually keeps the window in its original shape and in one piece.

There are UV protection benefits, too.

Load goods away from prying eyes
Be careful when loading valuable goods into your vehicle, as this may attract the attention of criminals. This could carry a potential hijacking risk when youíre on the road, as the thieves will know what youíre transporting.

Keep your valuables hidden
Donít leave your handbag, laptop or any other valuable items on the passenger or back seat while driving. . Keep everything locked in the boot besides essential items, and keep these hidden at all times.

Share your itinerary
Make sure your friends, family or business acquaintances know where you are going, and when they should expect you. Keeping other people aware of your whereabouts is a great way to alert them if they donít hear from you within a reasonable amount of time. If they know the roads you intend using as well, they can assist the police in finding you, should something go wrong.

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