Five ways to spend your December bonus on your car

November 2015

Are you wondering what to do with your December bonus? Maybe you should consider using the extra money on your car. It is, after all, responsible for getting you to and from work, as well as keeping your family safe on the road. Investing some of your bonus on maintaining your vehicle makes good sense. Here are five smart ways to do just that. 

Service or fix
Taking your car for a service or fixing minor issues is particularly important if you drive an old car or if your car is out of its service or maintenance plan. A service can be costly so it is a good idea to put your bonus to good use and ask your mechanic to give your car a thorough inspection and service. Use this guide to find a reputable aftermarket mechanic.

Another good idea if you drive an old car is to take it to Dekra for a Technical Examination and attend to any issues they might find.

Use your bonus to also fix minor damage to your car such as a chipped windscreen, dents in the doors, or a cracked fog light. An insurance excess can sometimes amount to more than what it would cost to fix minor problems, but avoiding these claims could leave you with a multitude of issues after a few years.

Check your tyres
Tyres can be expensive, especially if your car has large wheels or run-flat tyres. Visit your nearest tyre outlet and ask them to check the tread on your tyres. Tread-wear indicators in the tread itself, as well as a measuring tool, will indicate whether your tyres should be replaced. The legal minimum tread depth is 1 mm.

You should also check that the tyres haven’t expired. Tyres generally have a five-year lifespan (whether you use them or not), and each brand of tyre will indicate when the tyre was produced (stamped into the sidewall). Ask a tyre expert to check the expiry date, and if they are older than five years, replace them. Rubber degrades over time and you run the risk of a blowout if your tyres have expired.

Tint your windows for safety and sun protection
Not only is ‘smash ‘n grab’ film an important safety precaution in South Africa, but tinting your windows also protects against UV rays. Be sure to approach a reputable window tint provider, who offers premium tint products and who guarantees their work. Tinting your windows on the side of the road is not a good idea. Inferior films which may fail in the case of a smash ‘n grab, as well as incorrect fitment techniques, will leave you out of pocket with a mess on your windows.

What is on your driving wish list? Do you need a first-aid kit for the boot? Or a GPS?? How about a set of seat covers, or a boot bag to keep all your odds and ends in check? You spend a lot of time in your car, so why not make it more enjoyable?

Spend your bonus wisely this year and invest something in the car that carries you and your family from A to B, safely and reliably.

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