How to help your child ace their driverís license

April 2016

How to help your child ace their driverís license

As a parent you will know that there are few less harrowing, and nerve wracking, experiences than obtaining your driverís license. As a responsible parent you also realise that proper driver education and training is vital for your child to obtain his or her driverís license, and also key to road safety.

Find a reputable and suitable driving school

The days of mom or dad undertaking the daunting task of teaching a child to drive are over. Nowadays the easiest, safest, and most efficient thing to do, is to send your child for lessons with an established and professional driving school. This will not only ensure that the learner driver is familiar with the regulations and requirements of SAís K53 driverís test, but will also spare you and your child much frustration, and probably a family brawl or two.

Donít just pick the first driving school you find on the internet though.

We all know that teenagers respond better to people they get along with, and who make them feel comfortable. Some children prefer a gentle teaching approach while others need a firm hand. Chat to the driving instructor beforehand to make sure that your child will be taught in a style that suits his or her personality.

Of course itís also extremely important to find a driving school or instructor with the correct qualifications. Make sure that he or she has a valid Instructorís Certificate and, of course, a valid driver's licence. Referrals can also give you an indication of the level of service provided.

Once youíve ensured that the learner driver is in trustworthy and capable hands, step back and donít interfere. Let the instructor do what youíre paying him or her for; teaching your child to drive in accordance with the K53 rules. The instructor will also make an appointment for your child to do the test once his or her driver training is complete, so thatís one less thing for you to do.

However, if by this point you are feeling left out of the entire process, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your childís driverís test goes smoothly.

Drive potential routes

Before the day of the test, it could be a good idea to drive around the area of the testing station to allow your child to become familiar with potential routes. 

Pay special attention to how busy the roads are and what kind of traffic systems are in place.

Clean the car!

If the family vehicle is being used for the test, make sure that the windows are clean and undamaged, that the tyres are inflated correctly and that the indicators and brake lights are all working. It goes without saying, but make sure that the vehicle has enough fuel in the tank.

Then, clean the car inside. Nothing creates a worse impression than empty wrappers and bottles peeking out from under the seats.

Getting ready for the big day  

Because taking your driverís test is a very stressful situation, your child might be slightly scatter-brained and preoccupied on the day of the test. Make sure that he or she gets enough sleep the night before and eats breakfast. In addition, donít make any other plans for the day as rushing or worrying about something that needs to be done will make your child unnecessarily nervous.

Check that your child has his or her ID book as well as a copy of the receipt that was issued for payment when applying to take the test. Also ensure that you have enough cash on hand to cover the license issuing fee.

Be presentable, courteous and on time

The day of the test is not the right time to make a fashion statement either. Make sure that your child is dressed appropriately and is wearing sensible shoes.

Remind your child to be courteous to the testing officer and, whatever you do, donít be late! If you are, your child will not be allowed to take the test and will forfeit any monies paid already. Of course youíll also have to go through the entire process again.

Be ready to celebrate or commiserate

Lastly, no matter what the outcome, be supportive. If itís time to celebrate, do so enthusiastically but if your child fails, remember that you probably didnít get your license on the first try either. Comfort, donít criticise, and get ready to try, try again.

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