Give your car’s interior some TLC

Give your car’s interior some TLC | AA Car Tips


According to the latest Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard, South Africans spend between 119 hours and 162 hours in traffic each year. That's almost an entire week per year spent sitting in your car. If your car is almost like your second home, you do need to keep the interior clean (and safe) for your travels.


Here are some great tips to give your car’s interior some TLC:


  1. Clean out all the rubbish


First things first. Clean out the obvious litter - from fuel slips to take-away packets and empty coffee cups, there’s no need for your car to look, and feel like a portable dustbin. Once you’ve thrown all of this away, there will be a very obvious improvement.


TIP: While we want to reduce our plastic use, you can reuse your plastic shopping bags. Fold one up and keep it in the car to throw all litter in - it will be much easier to keep the cat neater.


  1. Tackle the carpets and seats


How long has it been since your car has had a proper vacuum? Maybe during its last service (you hope)? Remove all the loose carpets and break out the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum all the interior carpets, the seats (remember the nooks and crannies), as well as inside your cup holders for any dust or crumbs that may have gathered. Then vacuum the loose carpets as well before putting them back.


TIP: Also vacuum your boot, while you have the vacuum out.


  1. Clean the dashboard, doors and gear lever


Use a damp non-static cloth to wipe down your car’s dash, the steering wheel, and in and around any other areas that may gather dirt or dust. Also, remember to wipe down your gear lever and door panels.


TIP: You can get great interior car cleaners from your local supermarket or car specialist. Not only will it help protect the interior, but your car will also smell fresh!


  1. Wipe down the windows (on the inside)


Whether you have finger marks, nose prints or anything in between, use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior window and use a microfibre cloth to dry without streaks.


  1. Organise your boot


To prevent your shopping bags, laptop or your handbag from tumbling around or falling over, invest in a non-slip rubber mat for your boot or buy a plastic crate to put all your belongings in to keep them neat.


TIP: Also keep a plastic sheet handy for when you need to transport plants, so it catches all the loose soil.


Your car should now be sparkling clean on the inside. For the final touch, add a car freshener if that’s to your liking, and leave your car smelling great.


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