Keep moving with AA battery services

Did you know that the Automobile Association (AA) will come to you to check your battery, and replace it if necessary? The AA’s battery service to Members includes:

  • Battery tests and diagnosis
  • Jump starts
  • New battery installation (which includes the cost of the battery and the call-out fee)
  • 24-hour availability, seven days a week, 365 days a year

If you need a new battery a qualified technician will diagnose the problem on arrival. Each of the AA’s qualified technicians carry with them a unique high-tech portable device that produces a complete diagnosis of a vehicle’s battery and charging system. This device is used to identify the battery health, and the type of battery needed.

The technician arrives at your site with batteries in stock. Payment is easy with on-the-spot mobile card terminals that are able to receive payment for both debit and credit cards. You’ll be back on the road in no time!

When last did you check your car battery?

A little battery maintenance can save you a lot of hassle… Problems with car batteries are high on the AA’s call-out rate.

If your car is already displaying worrying symptoms, such as sluggish cold-starting (in the morning), the only solution may be to replace the battery. The best advice is to have the battery checked before winter starts, particularly if it is more than three years old.

An automotive battery could last up to three years, which means around 30% of cars need a new battery each year – a worrying statistic considering that without a working battery a driver is stranded.

Batteries produced in South Africa are of good quality but they are often poorly maintained. A common error is to overfill or under-fill a battery with distilled water, which reduces the battery’s lifespan and could cause it to fail at the most unexpected moment.

Here are our tips to ensure a longer battery life:

  • If your battery is not sealed, maintain the battery fluid at the correct level
  • Having the charging system check regularly
  • Keep the battery free of dirt and grease

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