Travel Light

Travelling light not only saves you time, it can save you money and energy too.

When travelling, we tend to over-pack and often end up taking two or more suitcases with us. With many airlines now enforcing the "one suitcase" policy, another bag can force you to pay additional fees, adding unnecessary expenses to your journey.

By packing light, you not only save money, you also energy - try dragging along unwanted kilograms of baggage when using public transport. Unnecessary luggage can force you to rent a larger car and there are security risks involved in keeping track of more than one bag.

To assist you in minimising these problems, planning is essential and there are a few packing tactics that you can employ to ensure that you 'travel light':

  • Compose a packing list that will match your itinerary, whether for business or leisure travel.
  • Coordinate shirts or blouses with bottoms and stick with solids and versatile basics.
  • Rule out any clothes that do not match other items.

The best way to fit all your clothes is by rolling pants and shirts. First fold each item in half, then, simply roll. To try to maintain any creases by starting on the bulkiest end of the article of clothing.

Gear up to make an awe-inspiring impression out of a basic or mundane outfit by accessorising it with a vibrant tie (for him) or a floral scarf (for her). Multihued accessories can liven up just about any attire. Try to minimise bulk by checking your space and, if necessary, edit outfits... ruthlessly.

Try to stay in the same colour scheme with most of your attire, in case you have to layer up for warmth.

Be shoe smart! For men, any leather rubber-soled shoes can make the day and night transition, easily. For women, a pair of flip-flops, strappy sandals and comfy wedges can serve all casual, chic-dressing needs.

If you need to take a jacket or coat, do not pack it into your suitcase, but rather wear it or carry it onto the plane.

Place your underwear in a transparent bag on top of your other items so that, if necessary, security can access the bag without ruining your efficient packing method.

Keep your luggage free of extra kilograms by leaving the heavy irons and hairdryers at home.

The key to making your trip more effective and to stretching your Rand further is to research and plan what you want to do. To purchase maps, travel accessories and other essential gear visit your closest AA Accredited Sales Agent store.