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Providing you with the most comprehensive on-the-road services and benefits

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Roadside Rescue
Emergency Medical Rescue

Your safety on the road and peace-of-mind while travelling are as important to us, as they are to you. That’s why we provide you with the most comprehensive on-the-road services and benefits of any provider in South Africa. 


Roadside Rescue

Roadside Rescue

Our patrol services are all about getting you back on the road quickly and without fuss. So we come to you, wherever you are, to assist you with:

  • On-the-spot and easy-to-fix technical repairs
  • Opening your car for you if you’ve locked your keys inside
  • Flat tyre change, and
  • Fuel to reach a garage if you have run out


We make sure you are never left without help at the side of the road.

We tow you:

  • If your car breaks down (whether for a mechanical or electrical fault)
  • if you have an accident, or
  • if your car is damaged because of attempted theft and you can’t drive it.

We will arrange for your car to be towed to the nearest approved repair centre or place of safety. Our towing service includes free overnight storage and access to the AA Quality repairer network. You also receive extended benefits if you’re involved in an incident more than 100km from your home

Extended Benefits

Call us and we’ll organise for you to make use of one of the following:

  • Long-distance towing to the value of the funds in your extended benefit kitty or
  • Overnight accommodation for you and up to four passengers travelling with you, to a maximum value of R1 600, if your vehicle can be repaired within 24 hours, or,
  • 24-hour car hire to complete your journey while your car is being repaired, to a maximum value of R1 600.
Emergency Medical Rescue

Emergency medical rescue

In a medical emergency, when speed and quality of service are essential, professional assistance can make the vital difference:

  • 24-hour emergency medical rescue for emergencies in your car, at home, at work or on holiday. We will arrange for your emergency medical transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility
  • Your spouse and your dependants aged below 25 are also covered, if they are travelling with you. In the event of an emergency at home, and if they are living with you, they are also covered at no additional cost.
  • Guaranteed hospital deposit up to R5 000, refundable from your medical aid

In addition, emergency medical rescue benefits include, where required:

  • Medical road or air evacuation
  • Dispatch of emergency medication or blood
  • Travelling companions for stranded minors
  • Relocation after treatment
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

Our trained counsellors are available telephonically to advise you and provide support on:

  • Rape and trauma crisis advice, and counselling
  • Medical advice and assistance
  • Drug and generic medicine information
Roadside Security

Roadside security

There’s nothing worse than waiting at the side of the road for help to come and feeling unsafe. We make sure you are looked after with an armed security guard, who will stay with you until our patrolman or towing vehicle arrives. This vital service is free for AA Advantage + Members! Not only are you provided with personal protection, having a guard with you also reduces the risk of hijacking and vandalism. Available in major metropolitan areas, subject to availability.


Add-On-Assist Options

Licence Renewals

AA Licence Renewals

We take the hassle out of renewing your vehicle licence by doing the work and queuing for you.

Fine Payment Assist

Fine Payment Assist

You never need to worry about forgetting to pay a fine or finding out you have a fine that you never knew about in a roadblock! We take care of it all for you

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