GFIP Toll Tariffs and Discount Structure

On a daily basis, Gauteng's freeways experience heavy congestion and delays. As the business hub of South Africa, the province's traffic problem ultimately contributes to a decline in nationwide economic growth.

Development to improve the road infrastructure through the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) is already 90% complete but it comes at an excessive cost. Should this be passed onto the road user through tolling? The AA is in firm disagreement with this.

In earlier announcements, The South African National Road Agency gazetted tariffs of 66 c/km for light vehicles and up to R3.96/km for larger trucks. These prices would weigh heavily on the pockets of both motorists and consumers. Subsequently, Minister of Transport, Sibusiso Ndebele, made an announcement on 22 February that gazetted tariffs would be suspended and reviewed in the months to follow.

With the tolling system still set to go ahead, the AA's policy remains that tolling should be regarded as a last resort to road funding. Additionally, there should be an immediate return to a dedicated road fund which is sourced from existing fuel taxes and ring-fenced for later expenditures.

For more information on GFIP:

 CLICK HERE for a map of toll gantries.

 CLICK HERE for the current toll rates calculator.

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