MOZAMBIQUE has a history filled with romance and tragedy. For centuries it was the haunt of slave traders, Portuguese adventurers and ruthless pirates, and more recently, a pawn in the Cold War. But Mozambique is set to regain its place as southern Africaís premier destination. The main attractions are the fabulous beaches, the truly spectacular diving, the delicious seafood, the game, the vibrant night life, interesting architecture and the fascinating cultural and historical attractions Ė particularly the islands of Ibo and Mozambique. Itís right next door, but itís a world away Ė so close but so exotic.

MALAWI One of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi is also one of the most beautiful. With scenery ranging from freshwater tropical beaches to crisp, cool mountainscapes, it is a kaleidoscope of light, colour and sensation. Elephants stir up deep red dust in the game reserves, centuries-old baobabs stand sentinel over neat thatched villages, and the cry of the fish eagle permeates the lakeshore. While most tourism is centred on the lake, there are bush and mountain destinations too, and resorts range from simple and extremely affordable backpacker-style campsites to sophisticated but rustic luxury lodges.

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