Eastern Cape

The country’s second largest province displays the greatest natural and cultural diversity. In many ways, this is the place where South Africa’s history – and therefore present-day political reality – was thrashed out. It was here, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries where european settlers first came up against local inhabitants, with the Khoi-Khoi and the Khoi-San stuck in the middle. It was here, in this frontier land, where Britain decided to settle in a wild, inhospitable area that, quite frankly, was not the greatest farming land in the region. The Eastern Cape has been the center of resistance ever since.

This cultural destination is where you can relive battles both ancient and modern, trace Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom, or ponder on Steve Biko’s short walk to martyrdom. But there's more to the cultural attractions than conflict and confrontation. The second largest cultural festival in the world takes place in Grahamstown, when the town bursts into song and dance and fluffs its colourful tail feathers for the world. Explore the multitude of beautiful old buildings, art galleries and museums. 

Download the provincial map of Eastern Cape by clicking on the area you're interested in, or download the full map below.

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