Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is South Africa’s largest and least densely populated province. With its endless vistas, big skies, small towns and long distances, it can be quite the culture shock for the unwary. 

If the Northern Cape is wild – and it is – then the Kalahari is even more so. The only developments here are huge manganese and iron mines, and the mission town of Kuruman with its fabulous freshwater spring. Apart from a few settlements with names like Black Rock, or Hotazel, it’s miles and miles of sand, grass and thorn trees.

Where the Orange River winds through the Kalahari, it forms a long, green oasis, and the region is aptly called the Green Kalahari. Here, you will find wine and table grapes growing under irrigation, the KgalagadiTransfrontier Park's innumerable animals, plants and birds, and the Augrabies Falls thundering into their spectacular gorge.

Download the provincial map of Northern Cape by clicking on the area you're interested in, or download the full map below.

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