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Your AA Membership guarantees you access to an array of emergency rescue services, giving you the motoring peace-of-mind you need. And as well as taking care of your emergency roadside needs, we look after your all round travelling experience too. Our new AA Added Value products will do just that… adding even more value to your AA Membership.
1. Potholes:
All South African motorists have had to dodge a pothole or two on the road, but it's not always possible. And when a vehicle does hit a pothole, serious damage can result.
AA Added Value for potholes assists you to formalise and lodge claims for vehicle damage against the relevant road management authority to recover the costs of the damage. Knowing how much tyres and rims are these days, you'll be glad to know that we'll help you to recover 100% of the money that you've been forced to pay out as a result of pothole damage – with no hidden costs or deduction for you to worry about.
As a Member you will get:
• PROFESSIONAL case management and claim settlement with the relevant road management authorities
• DEDICATED telephonic claim registration and tyre assessment services
• FREE assistance with quotes for replacement tyres and/or rims with preferential rates through AA tyre retail partners
• 100% of recoveries paid out to you
Click here  to download the AA Added Value for potholes handbook.

2. Accidents:
South Africa has one of the highest instances of road accidents in the world. 
The impact of this on a victim's family in terms of physical and emotional loss is often catastrophic, not to mention the financial loss! No one likes to think that this could happen to them, but if it does, you need to make sure you have the support you need.

AA Added Value for accidents will manage your claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF), which provides cover for all users of South African roads against road accident deaths or injuries.
Whether you're a driver in your car or someone else's, a passenger or even a pedestrian, AA Added Value for accidents will assist you to lodge a claim against the RAF from start to finish... ensuring you receive the compensation you're due.

As an AA Member you will get:
• FREE medical, legal and administrative support at a time you need it most
• CONVENIENT and hassle-free administration and claims management to ensure you receive the full compensation owed
• QUICK turnaround, so you'll receive your money as quickly as possible to assist with your needs – with regular progress reports on the status of your claim
• 100% of all compensation paid out – with no additional cost to you
Who can claim?
• Any individual that has been injured as a result of a negligent driver
• The spouse or dependant of a deceased victim
• A close relative of the deceased in respect of funeral expenses
*Note any claimant under the age of 18 must be assisted by a parent or legal guardian.

What can you claim for?
• Past and future hospital and medical expenses
• Past and future loss of income or earnings
• Past and future loss of support for the dependant of a deceased or disabled victim
• General damages for pain, suffering and disfigurement in the case of bodily injury
• Necessary funeral expenses
Click here to download the AA Added Value for accidents handbook.

3. Fines:

 Most road users have been issued a fine for a minor road indiscretion at some time or another, yet often the fine is either not received, or it gets forgotten about, leading to problems at roadblocks, increased penalties, or in some cases even legal action.
AA Added Value for fines offers you a quick and easy solution, saving you time, money and embarrassment. You'll receive notice of all traffic fines in your name within days of being issued, ensuring you can receive the maximum settlement discount. We'll also check and verify that the correct process has been followed.
Where there are discrepancies, we'll manage the required communication to have them revoked, and, where appropriate, we'll pursue any action required on your part to get fines reduced, or even squashed. 

As a Member you will get:
• FAST, efficient and proactive traffic fines monitoring and prompt notification
• GUARANTEED discounts on your fines, passed directly to you
• EASY, no fuss payment facilities, with no hidden cost to you – you get 100% of the discount
• LEGAL assistance to assess the legitimacy and validity of all your fines, and we'll contest your invalid fines on your behalf to get them reduced or revoked
Click here  to download the AA Added Value for fines handbook.

4. Comprehensive cover

AA Added Value products can be bundled to give you the specific cover you need… and save you money too!

Monthly Subscription
Annual Subscription
AA Added Value for accidents
AA Added Value for potholes
AA Added Value for fines
AA Added Value for accidents and potholes
AA Value Added Comprehensive Cover

Get AA Added Value for your Membership TODAY…and ensure that you are covered when you need it most. 
Call 0861 333 300, weekdays between 8am and 5pm.
SMS your name and AA Membership number to 31831 and we'll call you back. 
Terms and conditions apply. Only active, paid up AA Members may subscribe to AA Added Value products. No product is sold independently of AA Membership.
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