Long Distance Travel Benefits
Accident Towing
Roadside Rescue
Emergency Medical Assistance


Ideal for Members who really enjoy travelling, especially with family or friends.

What you get:

  • Call-outs as per our fair use policy and 200km per round trip
  • Accident Towing
  • Accommodation assistance or car hire or long-distance breakdown towing
  • Roadside rescue
  • Emergency medical rescue






R229.00 R 2 290.00


R 139.00 R 1 390.00

Dependant (under 25)

R 139.00 R 1 390.00

Dependant (over 25)

R 229.00

R 2 290.00

If you are 60 years or over, click here to join the AA on the AA 60+ Advantage+ option, at our price discounted especially for you.

AA Membership Terms & Conditions

Do you enjoy travelling? Does your Insurance cover you for accident towing?

With a premium AA Advantage+ Membership, you have all the resources of the AA behind you.

Enjoy complete peace-of-mind on the road knowing that we’ve got your back, anytime, anywhere. 

Your AA Advantage+ roadside rescue includes everything that comes standard with AA Membership, plus enhanced benefits and value-added services that cover you, not just your car. 

Over and above crucial on-the-road services and medical rescue, we help you save money and make your life easier. It all adds up to effortless motoring.

CLICK HERE to view the detailed Terms & Conditions.

Did you know? When you add a spouse to your AA Membership, you pay less on the standard price for them.