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You’re not the same as anyone else. Your life is unique, with different priorities to the next guy. That’s why as an AA Member, we know that some of our services may be more important to you than others. With our AA Added Value Combo, you can customise your bundle of products so you get the specific cover you need – all while saving money in the process.

For just R113 a month, subscribe to our AA Added Value services for accidents, fines and potholes, saving you R25 every month.  Or, subscribe to AA Added Value for potholes and accidents for just R70 a month and save on two great services.




AA Added Value for accidents and potholes

R 70.00

R 770.00

AA Added Value for accidents, fines and potholes – Comprehensive Cover

R 113.00

R 1 243.00

What you get:

AA Accident Claim Assist

If you suffer injury in a road accident, we’ll manage your claim with the Road Accident Fund so that you receive 100% of the compensation you’re due.

AA Fine Payment Assist

Take the hassle out of dealing with traffic fines and save yourself time, money and stress. We’ll help you get the maximum settlement discount for any fine you receive, and where possible we can even contest fines on your behalf.

AA Pothole Damage Assist

If you damage your car on a pothole, we’ll help you recover 100% of your repair costs for damage to your tyres, rims, mag wheels or your car itself, by handling your claim against the relevant road authorities.

Terms & conditions:

  • Only active paid up AA Members may subscribe to AA Added Value Products.
  • No product is sold independently of AA Membership.


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Thank God I'm an AA member, unbelievable service! Quick, professional and Thomas is amazing!! Blown away! Thank you‎.

Kerry Wyper MacDonald