AA Fine Payment Assist

A quick, easy and painless way to pay your traffic fines or get them reduced.

Hassle-free fine paying process
GUARANTEED discounts on your fines
Proof of fines settlement
Expert legal and administrative support

Even if you’re a good driver, it’s inevitable that you’ll get a traffic fine at some point

Whether you’ve parked on a yellow line, drive above the speed limit, or your car’s license has expired. But often you don’t receive the fine, or you forget to pay it, which can mean hassles at roadblocks, increased fine amounts and even legal action.

Our AA Fine Payment Assist gives you a quick, easy and hassle-free way of dealing with traffic or speeding fines that saves you time, money and stress. If you get a fine, we’ll let you know about it within days so you can get the maximum settlement discount. Where there are discrepancies in the issuing process, we’ll help you get your fine revoked, reduced or even cancelled. You’ll also get the peace-of-mind that you’re not overpaying for fines, and that you can drive on the road with a clear conscience.


Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription

AA Fine Payment Assist

R 52.00

R 570.00

Terms & Conditions

  • AA Added Value for fines does not assist with the AARTO de-merit points system
  • AA Added Value for fines does not guarantee performance from any of the traffic departments. Read More

What you get

  • Quick and efficient traffic fines management including monitoring and notification
  • Guaranteed discounts on your fines, passed directly to you
  • An easy, no-fuss fines payment facility
  • Full legal assistance to assess the legitimacy and legality of your fine
  • Proof of fines settlement
  • No nasty surprises at road blocks


Absolute awesome service - yesterday and today. Thanks!

Gail Solomon‎