AA Licence Renewals

No more queuing, we take away the hassle of renewing your vehicle licence in a quick and easy way

reminder notification
No paperwork
No queuing
Delivered to your doorstep

Now you have one less thing to worry about

Avoid fines for lapsed vehicle licences and penalties for late renewals. Leave it all to us. From reminding you when it’s due… to delivering it directly to you - because we know how you feel about queues and we want to save you time and effort - so we take the hassle out of renewing your car licence.  

Call us NOW on 0861 000 234 with your vehicle and licence details, or simply add them to your AA Membership when you join online. We’ll remind you when it’s due. Not only that, but we’ll give you the total amount owing and get your new licence back to you within 4 working days!

You can give us details of up to 4 vehicles registered in your name and due for renewal at the same time… all from as little as R210!

This added-value service means that we’ll send you a notification 30 days before your vehicle licence expires, renew your licence for you, and deliver it to your door, at home or at work. This will not only save you time but money too. Say goodbye to the headache of car licence renewals and hello to time-saving convenience! You’ll also enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with driving on the road with a clear conscience.

Terms & Conditions

  • AA Licence Renewals allows you to renew licences for up to four vehicles registered in your name and due for renewal at the same time, including your caravans and trailers.
  • AA License Renewal fees exclude the cost of each licence as per AARTO. Read More

What you get

  • We’ll notify you 30 days before your licence expires
  • We offer administrative assistance to ensure your licence paperwork is in order
  • No more queueing — we do the legwork for you
  • We’ll deliver your renewed car licence to your door — at work or home
  • Enjoy time-saving convenience
  • Renewal of up to 4 vehicles, registered in your name and due at the same time, for one low price.


AA Membership is something everyone should have. Not negotiable.


Mrs Frances Hammond