Is it now the Law to Carry a Red Triangle in Your Car?


Is it now the law to carry a red triangle in your car? I thought it was only for vehicles over a certain weight.


Regulation 214 of the National Road Traffic Regulations 93 of 1996 provides that motor cars first registered on 1st July 2006 and thereafter must carry at least 1 emergency warning triangle. The regulations specify that the term ‘motor vehicle’ for the purposes of this regulation will exclude motor cars first registered before 1st July 2006. Therefore if the first date of registration of your car is prior to 1st July 2006 then you are exempt by law from having to carry a warning triangle in your vehicle, all other cars are required by law to carry one.

It is, however, recommendable for safety purposes that all motorists carry a warning triangle in their vehicles despite the date of first registration.

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