Travelling in the Emergency Lane (Yellow Line)


What are the rules regarding travelling in the emergency lane (yellow line)? Must you move over if a vehicle wants to pass you?


Regulation 296A of the National Road Traffic Act refers to lanes dedicated to specific situations and vehicles; this is inclusive of the emergency lane (yellow line), which states:

  1. No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a dedicated lane, other than the class of vehicles referred to by such sign, between the hours of 06:00 to 09:00 and 16:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday, except weekends and public holidays. Provided that the driver of a vehicle, other than the driver of a vehicle of the class referred to by such sign, may only enter such dedicated lane, if -
    1. He or she cannot enter or leave any premises adjacent to such dedicated lane;
    2. He or she cannot enter or leave any public road without encroaching unto such dedicated lane;
    3. He or she intend turning at the next intersection, on-ramp, off-ramp, and;
    4. In compliance with a direction of a traffic officer or a road traffic sign.
  2. The provision of sub regulation (1) shall not apply in case of emergencies, to the driver of a fire-fighting vehicle, a fire fighting response vehicle, an emergency medical response vehicle, a rescue vehicle or an ambulance, a vehicle which is engaged in civil protection as contemplated in Section 3 of the Civil Protection Act, 1977 or a traffic officer who drives such vehicle in execution of his or her duties.

The above mentioned are the circumstances where the law deems it legal to drive in lanes that are designated for a particular vehicle or purpose.

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