What happens if I crash during a dealership test drive?

What happens if I crash during a dealership test drive? 
A dealer would have public liability insurance to cover them for any damage that might occur during a test drive. Alternatively the dealer may request a prospective customer to sign an acknowledgment of consent to liability, ie. the customer accepts responsibility should the vehicle be damaged whilst the customer is test driving. If something is damaged, the customer will be held responsible.

What is the best way to complain about a panel beater/ garage repairer if Iím not happy with the work done?
If the workshop is Retail Motor Industry (RMI) approved (the RMI logo will appear on their invoice, quotes and in the workshop), you may log a complaint with the RMI or alternately, you may lodge a complaint with the Motor Industry Ombudsman, or the Consumer Council if the workshop is in breach of the Consumer Protection Act.


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