What is microdotting and how does it affect you?

Microdot technology is a form of identification that is unique to South Africa. Microdots are minute dots containing the vehicle identification number (VIN) or a personal identification number (PIN) in 88 different places on the vehicle. These dots are seen as a passive means of protecting the identity of the vehicle as well as components of a stolen vehicle.  

Microdots have been implemented by the National Road Traffic Act.  There are currently two regulations in the National Road Traffic Act that deal with this, namely:-
  1. Regulation 56 1A requires all vehicles first registered in the Republic on or after 1 September, 2012, to be fitted with microdots. This places an obligation on the manufacturer or importer to ensure that vehicles have microdots before being sold or made available to the public.

  2. Regulation 337 B, on the other hand, deals with vehicles requiring a police clearance certificate. The regulation requires that the title holder ensure that the vehicle has been microdotted, if it has not already been done by the manufacturer. 
Given the above, this is how microdots will affect you: 

If you bought a 
brand new vehicle on or after the 1 September, 2012, your vehicle should have been microdotted.  Further, if your vehicle has been stolen and recovered, deregistered or you have fitted a reconditioned engine into your vehicle, a police clearance certificate is required, and in order to comply with same, you will need to have your vehicle microdotted.

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