What should I do when I receive a sms from SANRAL stating that I have outstanding toll fees?

Some motorists who are not registered with SANRAL have received a sms regarding their outstanding e-toll account. The South African National Roads Agency Ltd and National Roads Act deals with the regulation and enforcement of e-tolls, and specifically sets down the procedure that must be followed when making use of e-toll roads. Under this legislation, motorists who do not possess an e-tag, and have not registered with SANRAL, are termed alternate users.  

The Act sets out the process for alternate users as follows:
  • A motorist who is an alternate user has a 7 day grace period from the date and time of driving under a gantry to pay the e-toll fee.  
  • If the motorist does not make payment within this 7 day grace period, from the 8th day SANRAL, or a collection agency, will have a further 32 days within which to send the alternate user motorist an invoice for the e-toll fee.  
  • The sms messages being sent to motorists do not form part of the process set down in the Act, and therefore are not legally binding on the motorist. 
  • However, the AA would urge motorists not to ignore these messages, rather notify SANRAL about the process set down in the Act and insist on an invoice in order to verify the accuracy of the e-toll account.

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