Carnet de Passages en Douane Pricing

The Carnet can be thought of as a passport for your car. It offers a guarantee to a foreign government that the vehicle identified in the Carnet, if granted temporary importation status, will be removed from the country within the time limit imposed by the respective jurisdiction. In the event that the vehicle is not removed within the imposed time frame, the country may claim from AASA all duties and taxes that would be required to permanently import the vehicle to that country. 

Advantages of Using the Carnet
    • Using the Carnet is an alternative to leaving a cash security deposit with a foreign government. 
    • It facilitates entry formalities at border posts and port of entries. Most countries, but not all, allow this option. 
    • The Carnet eliminates the need for national temporary importation documents.

The Carnet is valid for a maximum period of one year from the date of issue. The Carnet is available to AASA Members and non-Members residing in South Africa and to applicants who have a car registered in South Africa. Non SA citizens / permanent residents wishing to apply for a Carnet for a vehicle registered outside South Africa must apply through their club in country of residence.

AASA is the only authorized issuer of the FIA Carnet to citizens of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. 

A Carnet is Required for Travel in:
    • Africa: 
      • Zimbabwe (recommended) 
      • Zambia (recommended) 
      • Malawi (recommended) 
      • Tanzania (recommended) 
      • Kenya (compulsory) 
      • Uganda (recommended)
      • Sudan (recommended) 
      • Egypt (compulsory) –deposit  equivalent to 200% value of vehicle required
      • West African countries (recommended) 
    • Europe (CPD not required) 
    • Countries in the Middle East (CPD not required) 
    • Syria (compulsory) - deposit  equivalent to 200% value of vehicle required
    • South America (CPD not required) 
    • North America (CPD not required) 
    • Australia and New Zealand (compulsory) - deposit  equivalent to 100% value of vehicle required
    • Malaysia - deposit  equivalent to 300% value of vehicle required

If a South African registered vehicle is being shipped or flown out of South Africa on a temporary basis, the Carnet will facilitate customs formalities for both the export and re-importation of the vehicle in South Africa. 

How to Apply for a Carnet de Passage?

Before an application for a Carnet is processed, we will require:

    • A fully completed application form:
    • Copy of applicants ID or Passport.
    • Copy of applicants driver's licence
    • Copy of vehicle registration papers and trailer, if applicable.
    • Carnet fee - please refer to Price List below.
    • Cash deposit 

All application documents to be emailed to Bokang on  or faxed to Odette Pombo 0865024661/ Bokang Seroka 0865024788. 

Cash Deposit

With every Carnet application that is received, a cash deposit needs to be lodged with AASA. Deposits are lodged by EFT or credit card payment.  Please note that the cash deposit is held in a non-interest bearing account until such time as the used Carnet is returned to AASA Head Office and is properly discharged.   

Our banking details are as follows:

Bank Name:First National Bank
Account Name:AA of South Africa
Account Number:6248 560 8031
Branch Name:Corporate Account Services
Branch Code:255 005
Reference:Please use surname as reference

To determine the deposit value required, the following will be taken into account:

    • Country where vehicle is registered.
    • Is applicant a SA citizen or permanent resident? (Non-SA citizens or permanent residents will automatically be required to lodge a 100% value of the vehicle as a guarantee)
    • Countries the applicant intends visiting.
    • Current value of vehicle.
    • Duration of trip.
    • Will the vehicle be returning to country of registration?

Below is a guideline on deposits required by the AASA. This guideline is ONLY applicable to SA citizens or permanent residents travelling with SA registered vehicles.

DestinationCPD RequirementGuarantee Required
Please note the following:
  • If the carnet is valid for longer than six (6) months, then R10,000 deposit is applicable.
  • If the value is between R200,000 and R380,000, then R10,000 is required.
  • If the value is between R380,001 – R500,000 – 10% deposit required
  • If value of the vehicle R500,001 – 800,000 – 50% deposit required.
  • If value exceeds R800,001 – 100% deposit required.
AASA issues Carnets to vehicles registered in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. This guideline is applicable to citizens/permanent residents in these countries.

BotswanaNot required
NamibiaNot required
LesothoNot required
SwazilandNot required
MozambiqueNot required
AngolaNot required
ZimbabweRecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
ZambiaRecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
MalawiRecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
DRCRecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
TanzaniaRecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
KenyaCompulsoryR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
UgandaRecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
RwandaHighly RecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
BurundiHighly RecommendedR2000 - up to 6 months' validity
R10,000 -6 to 12 months' validity
EthiopiaHighly RecommendedR20,000
SudanHighly Recommended10% value of vehicle (minimum R20,000)
EgyptCompulsory200% value of the vehicle
West African CountriesHighly Recommended10% value of vehicle (minimum R20,000)
AustraliaCompulsory100% value of the vehicle
New ZealandCompulsory100% value of the vehicle
North AmericaNot required
South AmericaRecommended10% value of vehicle (minimum R20,000)
All Countries in EuropeNot required
TurkeyNot required
UKNot required
Asia & Middle East
BangladeshNo longer recognises CPD
IranAA does not validate CPD for Iran
IraqAA does not validate CPD for Iraq
JordanNot required200%
Sri LankaAA does not validate CPD for Sri Lanka
ThailandAA does not validate CPD for Thailand
Carnet Fees

In order to determine number of pages required, you will need to calculate how many countries you will be travelling through. You will use one (1) page per country you enter (don’t forget to include countries on return trip).

Carnet documents may be purchased as a 5-page, 10-page or 25-page booklet.

Price List 2017

Validity periodTotal (R) incl. VAT
5 page - 3 months R 3,200.00
5 page - 6 months R 3,400.00
5 page - 12 months R 3,600.00
10 page - 3 months R 3,500.00
10 page - 6 months R 3,700.00
10 page - 12 months R 3,950.00
25 page - 1 year (one fee)R 4,400.00
5 page ZZMM - 3 months maximum R 2,200.00
5 page Zim - 12 months maximum R 1,900.00
Administrative fee for re-issue of CDP R 700.00
Courier Fees (within SA) R 160.00
Substitutions R 850.00
Letter of GraceR 650.00
Processing Turnaround Time

One should apply for the CPD 1 month to 2 weeks prior to departure date. Once we in possession of all necessary documents, it takes between 2 - 5 working days to process. 

Releasing of on Discharged Carnets

Once you have returned home from your trip you need to courier (to ensure prompt delivery) the Carnet back to AASA head office in order to have the cash deposit refunded. A properly discharged Carnet should have an entry and exit stamp for every foreign country visited on the stub of each page used. The Certificate of Location on the last page inside the Carnet should be endorsed by SA Customs on entry, confirming the final destination of the vehicle. It is proof to AASA that the vehicle is back in South Africa. It may also be stamped at your nearest police station.

It is compulsory that the Certificate of Location ALWAYS be completed following visits to Egypt, India, Pakistan and Turkey, so as to constitute proof of re-exportation in case of need.

Extending your Trip

If you plan to extend your trip beyond the expiry date on the Carnet, you may contact us by email or telephonically and request a “substitution”. A fee will be charged on the new Carnet and your cash deposit will be carried over to the new Carnet.

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