AA Accredited Sales Agent

AA Accredited Sales AgentThe AA strongly believes in providing good quality service to our Members and general consumers through the channel that they would like to interact with us. The retail channel is still a preferred option for many of our Members and consumers to interact on a personal and one-on-one capacity.

We currently have 24 outlets in major metropolitan areas; however we would like to expand our footprint to key smaller metropolitan areas as identified in our research. The AA welcomes entrepreneurs who are currently operating a travel- and retail-orientated business to apply for a licence to become an AA Accredited Sales Agent.

 CLICK HERE to find an outlet close to you.

What is an AA Accredited Sales Agent?

An AA Accredited Sales Agent will be required to sell products and services that are offered and supplied by the AA. In doing so you take on the responsibilities of selling the products and earning revenue.

It is recommended that you are interested and passionate about AA products because, when it comes to sales, nothing beats enthusiasm and confidence in the product.

Why become an AA Accredited Sales Agent?

Becoming an agent will increase your product offering with acceptable margins, and additional feet will be driven to your store. Added benefits include:

  • Low start up costs.
  • Proven business formula.
  • Low risk.
  • Training provided with continuous support from the AA Head Office team.
  • Potential to earn revenue from day one.

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