Explore Southern Africa by Road

Travelling Southern Africa by road can be a wonderful experience, but to stay safe you should be aware of all the relevant regulations and precautions. Some countries have specific regulations regarding taking your vehicle across the border, and this often involves paperwork that should be planned well in advance. 

Cross Border Information   Carnet de Passage   Third Party Insurance
Cross Border Information   Carnet de Passage   Third Party Insurance
Everything you need to know about the stickers and documentation required when crossing various African borders.

  A Carnet de Passage en Douane is an essential item that covers temporary admission of motor vehicles into neighbouring countries.
  Information on a compulsory insurance that must be obtained when travelling in or through Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Driving Permit   Vehicle Stickers   AA Travel Insurance
IDPs   Vehicle Stickers   Travel Insurance
Driving in another country? An International Driving Permit is a legal document and highly recommended. All the information that you may need for obtaining one.
  Some countries have specific regulations and required stickers for taking your vehicle across the border.  All the info you need is provided here.
  Information on travel insurance aimed at reducing the travellerís exposure to unforeseen and often unaffordable medical-related expenses.
Permanent Importation
Border Post Hours

Permanent Vehicle Importation
Border Post Hours
So, you love your car that much that you don't want to do away with it? The 'where, what and how' explained here for permanently importing your vehicle into South Africa.
If you're planning on travelling into Africa, it is advisable to be aware of border post operating hours and to note the necessary contact details.

Border post operating hours  click here

Before you leave, please remember...

  • The Carnet de Passage is an essential item for motoring tourists as it covers temporary admission of motor vehicles into neighbouring countries.
  • Other necessities to remember include an International Driving Permit (not compulsory, but advisable).
  • Ensure that you're covered against any unforeseen medical expenses by purchasing travel insurance.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is suitable for traversing the continent.
  • Health issues are extremely important and shouldn't be taken lightly, especially when going into malaria zones. Taking the necessary preventative medication before your trip is vital. Contact Netcare travel clinics for more information or visit
  • Third Party Insurance is compulsory for all countries in Africa, with the exception of Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.
  • Ensure that your passport, visa and money matters are in order.

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