Dialling Code (0020)
Contact Details
Egypt Embassy +27 (012) 343-1590 / 1
SA Representative Tel: +202 2359 4365
Visas Visas are required by ALL passport holders, whether travelling as a tourist or on business.
For more information regarding food restrictions, passports/visa and pet travel enquiries, please contact the consulate/embassy contact details above.
Health Requirements
Compulsory Vaccinations Yellow Fever (if coming from an affected area)
Recommended Vaccinations Typhoid
Hepatitis A & B
Precautions Malaria in Srutun Park and the Red Sea
Only drink bottled water
Documents Required
  • Valid passport of the driver
  • Certified copy of vehicle registration papers in the name of the driver
  • Letter of authority from the registered owner if the vehicle is not owned by the driver
  • If vehicle is still being financed, carry a letter of authority from the bank (must include dates of travel) together with the vehicle license papers. 
  • Carnet de Passage: Cannot enter Egypt without the Carnet, which must be in the name of the driver. Application forms can be downloaded here. The AA of SA will require a deposit / guarantee of 200% value of the vehicle. Egyptian Customs charge a fee for stamping the Carnet document and clearing can take up to one week. An Entry Permit is issued at the border (the fee is levied according to the engine capacity and it is valid for three months). Temporary Egyptian plates are affixed to every vehicle at the frontier post. A deposit for the plates is payable. Plates must be surrendered when the vehicle is exported from Egypt. Should you wish to have contact details of people in Egypt who assist with clearing, please contact the AA of SA's Head Office on +27 (011) 799-1042 / 1009 for assistance
AA Club
Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt
Address 10 Kasr El Nil Street, Cairo
Tel +202 2574 3355 / 3176
Currency Egyptian Pound (EGP)

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